Monday, March 10, 2008

Creativity Tips: It's All About Me.

OK. It's not all about me. And, deep breath now, it's not all about you, either.

It's all about them.

Approximately 98.9 percent of the people we deal with -- from clients to kids -- have the same communications preference:
Be brief. Be quick. Be gone.*

When you're trying to get a message across, consider the audience first. Make sure you're tailoring the message -- and the medium -- to them. My friend Greg has been known to send a text message to his teenager in the next room. It works.

Trust the bunny.**

*Completely stolen line, from a personality profile.
** Modified stolen line, from Rabbit Fumes.
*** Yes. I will eventually do a post on the value of creative theft.

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Bud Simpson said...

"Trust the bunny."