Thursday, March 6, 2008

Creativity Tips: When You Fall ...

My 14-year-old daughter Mary tried out for the high school drill team Wednesday night. She's been on the junior high team, was comfortable with the tryout routine and knew exactly what she needed to do.

When her time in the spotlight came, she smiled, she danced, she leaped.

Then, unfortunately, she fell.

Her heart fell, too. But you know what she did? She kept on smiling, got right back up, and gave it her best. She didn't cry until the dance was over, and she was out of the auditorium.

We could all learn a lesson from Mary. When we take a creative leap, sometimes we soar. Sometimes we fall. The trick is finding the courage to get up and do it again -- and the determination to do it better.

Mary did two more leaps before the dance was done. Beautifully. And I'm very proud to say, she made the team.

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Leslie said...

I love a happy ending! Good for Mary. That's a big accomplishment.