Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Fun: Help Horton!

Earlier this week, I talked about Heber Springs, Arkansas. Then, we did a Dr. Seuss exercise. Today, it all comes together.

The area around Heber is known for its swinging bridges. A favorite Dr. Seuss character -- Horton -- has a swinging bridge to cross. And he really needs your help to do it.

Oh, the places we go ...


Angela Pritchett said...

Took two attempts but I made it across the bridge.

Why does it have to snow again?!? Why! Why! (imagine Nancy Kerrigan like whine here)

Jan said...

Yay! I never made it across ... but that comes as a surprise to, oh, nobody.

I would do my own Nancy Kerrigan whine, but I just talked to someone in Ohio where they're expecting 14 inches of snow.

Bud Simpson said...

Apparently, rabbits don't do bridges. I remember taking the girls' "Simon" game and throwing it under a bus. Same deal here.

Pretty, flaky, white
- low coefficient of friction
= yuck

Leslie said...

Horton will have to navigate the bridge without me. I almost made it...but that doesn't really count, does it, when the elephant is hurtling toward Earth?