Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you. Thank you very much.

My friend Keith Prather recently led a project team I was on -- my participation was minimal, but it's always a pleasure to work with Keith. Here's one reason why: After the project was done, Keith passed along this e-mail response from the client:

Excellent work.

Five words. Jim, president of the company we were working for, probably spent five seconds writing that e-mail. But you know what? He's a busy guy, and that's five seconds he could have spent on something else. Keith is busy too, but he took a few seconds to pass the e-mail on to the rest of the team.

Final result? Jim's sincere "thank you" and Keith's thoughtfulness made us feel appreciated, valued and just plain good.

So, consider this a creativity tip or an exercise, or both. Today, tomorrow, sometime soon: Give someone at home or at work an unexpected, heartfelt "thanks." Or pass along a nice word. You could make someone feel like a king -- and then they'll be singing your praises!

(OK. OK. I'll stop. Elvis is leaving the building.)

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