Monday, January 28, 2008

Creativity Tips: You Don't Know Everything

Let me tell you a story from my creativity presentation:

Years ago, during a vacation to Disney World, my husband and I were with the girls in the Alice in Wonderland section. Suddenly, the Queen of Hearts marched up, grabbed an autograph book out of my daughter's hand, and angrily scrawled something on a page. She then threw the book at me and huffed off.

We were all astonished. Why was she so upset? I read the note, "There's only one Queen in this park!"

Now, granted. I am more than capable of being a diva. I have been known, now and then, to act like a queen. But I was on good behavior that day. I promise.

My husband started laughing. I didn't see the humor. "It's your T-shirt, honey," he explained.

He was right. I was wearing a T-shirt with the royally offensive caption, "It's good to be queen."

Tip? I don't know everything. You don't know everything. And just because we don't get something immediately, doesn't mean it's not creative, or funny, or smart, or 100% on target.

Today, when someone says something you think is completely off, consider this: Maybe they see something you don't.

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