Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Wish for You in 2017

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those around you. Be kind to strangers. Be kind to animals. Be kind to people who share your beliefs -- and those who don't. Be kind to the helpers: the clerk, the plumber, the policeman, the waiter. Be kind to teachers. Be kind to your neighbors. Be kind to people who look like you -- and those who don't. Be kind to your family. And, because it bears saying one more time: Be kind to yourself.

Kindness is magic. One kind word can transform a day. One kind person can transform a life. One kind community can transform the world.

Be kind.

Image from The Madison Park Group.


CJ Kennedy said...

A thoughtful sentiment we should all take to heart. Thank you, Jan. Have a Happy and Creative New Year

Jan said...

Thank you, CJ! And the same to you and yours!