Thursday, December 22, 2016

Creative Query: How Stupid Do We Look?

Words are amazing. They paint pictures, influence attitudes, shape lives.

Words are also flexible. They can be twisted to obfuscate and obliterate the truth. So when this screen pops up as Tom and I buy theatre tickets online, my response is: Who are you kidding?

Why exactly is this fee convenient? And is the extra tax on it extra convenient? Or, could this be a convenient way for the theatre to make more money, while expecting consumers to plan ahead rather than going to a show on the spur of the moment -- you know, a plan that actually is convenient?

And that senior ticket price? Same price as the child's fee or the regular adult fee. So, yeah ... you have conveniently made me feel old for no benefit.

Words matter. Just say it. Seating fee. Advance fee. Online fee. Selection fee.

OK, the cranky-pants writer is done for the moment. In honor of the holidays, I will not charge you an extra fee for reading this online, at your convenience.

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