Monday, March 7, 2016

#Creative Community: Want to be in my book?

Think he'd buy one? It could happen!
Shhhhhh. I'm going to tell you a sorta-kinda secret: I'm working on a book proposal about creativity in business -- basically, my creativity presentation in book form, with a ton of fun exercises and quotes and more.

If you like the blog, you'll like the book.

I'll babble more about it in the days ahead, but right now the agent has me hard at work on the marketing section. This, my friends, is where you come in. I need to demonstrate that I can sell books. And I'm not above bribing you to do that:

Tell me you'll buy a book, 
and you'll be named in the acknowledgement section!

That's right! You too can be published. Post a comment here, send an email, Tweet at me, whatever. Tell me if you expect to buy one for yourself, two for gifts, or 50 for the office. (Ooh. Promise to buy 50 and you'll get extra goodies. I might even make you a sock monkey.)

P.S. Ya'll deserve to be in the acknowledgement section anyway. Such a gift to have you along on the ride!
P.P.S. Have you read the free Creative Chai ebook yet? 

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Unknown said...

i wanna be a sock monkey. please make me one.