Monday, March 9, 2015

Post 60: Be Kind

Every time you venture out in the world, there's an opportunity to be kind. For example, you could smile at someone who's struggling with her yogurt selection at the grocery store. Have you ever tried to figure out what's the best vanilla Greek yogurt to buy? You have to compare price and sugar and calories and fat and taste and ... well. It's traumatic.

You could let another driver into your lane during rush hour. That's right. Let the other driver move in front of you. I promise, you'll still get home in time for dinner.

You could answer when the clerk asks, "How are you today?" You could say, "I'm well! How are you?" And listen for the answer.

You could hold a door for someone. And, yes, smile as you do.

Here's the amazing thing. IT DOESN'T TAKE ANY LONGER TO SMILE.

That's right. You're going to be in that grocery store line for 3.4 minutes, regardless of whether you're grinning or grimacing. And the grimace creates such unkind wrinkles over the years ...

Does it matter, other than wrinkle prevention? You betcha. Every single act of kindness makes a difference. It make be a tiny act that makes a tiny difference. But all those tiny differences add up.

And, while we're talking about kindness, let's bring this conversation home. How kind are you to you? Do you follow the other Golden Rule? Do unto you as you would have others do unto you.

In the process of being kind -- to yourself and others -- you're going to discover a wonderful reward. Kindness boomerangs. The more I smile and listen to others, the more they smile and listen to me. It's lovely.

Why, a nice man in the yogurt aisle even helped me make my selection recently.

So here's my wish for you, as you venture out today. Be the kind of person who attracts kindness. Be kind.

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