Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fun: Happy Birthday, Kate!

Sunday is Kate's 25th birthday. 25. Isn't that amazing? Over the years, I've probably shared 25 tales about Kate here on the blog ... including the "bird is dead" classic. And there's the shoe story. And let's not forget the downhill racer conversation. 

Today I'm going to tell you something completely different about Kate: She reminds me to take my vitamins. 

She's 25 years old; she has a demanding real estate career; a crazy schedule; dear, fun friends; and a pup that loves attention and long walks. Yet, in the midst of all that, she thinks about me and my vitamins. 

Kate, at 25, is one of the finest people on the planet. And it's an honor to be her mom. 

Happy birthday, baby! Here's to the best year ever!
And, yes. I took my vitamins. 

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CJ Kennedy said...

Take a bow, Mama. You raised her up good