Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Week of Wishes: Silence

As we continue our week of wishes, I wish you something all too rare in today's world: silence. The following excerpts come from a favorite poem in one of my favorite books. Unfortunately, there's no author listed, so I can't tell you who wrote this:

May we stand still, for a brief moment,
and listen to the rain --
Stand still, for a brief moment,
and watch the play of sunlight and shadow on the leaves.
For a brief moment -- listen to the world.

We need a quiet space to test the balance of our days.
The weight of our own deeds
against the heaviness of the world's demands ...

Quiet places and stillness --
where we will hear our own best impulses speak.
Quiet places and stillness --
from which we will reach out to each other.

In 2013, find time now and then to stand still. Be still. Just be.


Jody said...

Be still and know I am God.

Jan said...

Interestingly, the line Jody cites is not in the poem I read, but the poem does come from a prayerbook.

Variations on a theme. We can all find our own road to silence, to stillness.

Maureen said...

As I write this it is gray outside and oddly quiet, like the earth is preparing for snow. And as much as I hate snow (and cold and winter, blah, blah, blah) I do always love the initial silence it brings. Those who live in cloistered prayerful societies have always known the power of silence. Such an important idea to bring forward in 2013.

Unknown said...

so lovely...thanks Jan