Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Week of Wishes: Good Cheers

Do I wish you good cheer this holiday season? Absolutely. But my fourth wish for you goes beyond that: I wish you good cheers. I wish that in 2013 your self talk is filled with self cheer.

What's self cheer? It's the positive voice of self talk -- and it's the voice most of us rarely hear. What we typically hear inside our overworked, overwhelmed brains is: How could I be that stupid? Why did I do that? What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking. I'm an idiot. A complete, freakin' idiot.

Oddly enough, continually telling yourself that you're an idiot rarely inspires great works.

So, in 2013, I want you to be as kind to yourself as we are to children. I want you to say to yourself, "Brenda, you rock!" (Insert your name inside your head. You are not Brenda. Unless you are Brenda. In which case, you do rock and I love you.)

Other self cheers?
"I'm brilliant."
"I'm amazing. No one may have noticed. But what I just did? Amazing."
"I may just be the best (whatever) in the universe."
"Man, that was nice of me."

Or, the ever popular: "Good job!"

It's so simple! You do something great and you say to yourself, "Good job!" Heck, you could do that a million times during the day: You get up on time. "Good job!" You fit in your jeans. "Good job!" You make it to the meeting with all your notes. "Good job!" You don't make the snarky comment you'd like to make to the boss/lover/whoever. "Good job!" You let a driver cut in front of you during the rush-hour commute home. "Good job!"

In 2013, be your own best cheerleader. I know you can do it. Your Jewish momma says so.


Brenda said...

Such good advice but so very hard to do but something certainly worth thinking about because if we feel that good about ourselves just think how we will feel about others!!!! And you rock more!!!
love you

Maureen Salz said...

There is a saying "it is what it is" however I believe beyond that thought "But it will be what I make it" and for me that all depends on what I tell myself...self prophesying! rock on!