Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Week of Wishes: Resilience

My second wish for you? Be more like Silly Putty:
  1. Willing to change -- the first name was Nutty Putty.
  2. Happy to have the word "silly" associated with your name. Silliness is under-rated. Giggles are good.
  3. Unwilling to be considered a failure. Silly Putty wasn't the great replacement for synthetic rubber that GE and the government wanted. And yet ...
  4. Successful. Millions of those eggs have been sold, bringing in millions of dollars.
  5. Useful. Prop up a chair. Pick up lint. Secure tools in zero gravity on Apollo 8. Silly Putty ain't just silly.
Finally, my Silly Putty friends, I wish you resilience. May 2013 be a year where you bounce back fast, no matter what life hands you!

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