Monday, December 17, 2012

A Week of Wishes: A Bi Gezundt

Note from Jan: I wrote this post before the shooting in Connecticut. I thought about deleting the post, but decided last week's horror reinforces the meaning. So, hug your loved ones and do what you can to spread goodness in a world that surely needs it. On Mondays and every day.

I don't know why Mondays get such a bad rap. Today is a whole fresh start. New week. New possibilities. You should be refreshed from your weekend.

You did have a delightful weekend, right? Lots of rest. Relaxation. You weren't running around like the headless chicken, were you? Oh well. Regardless, we start anew today. And, as my holiday gift to you, we start a week of wishes.

The first? A bi gezundt*. A charming Yiddish phrase meaning, "So long as you're healthy." The Jewish momma meaning? "You're here! You're healthy! Why fret about nonsense?"

Today, I wish you and your loved ones good health. A bi gezundt, my friends!

Or, as my Jewish grandmother would say, "A bi gezundt. Have another strudel."

*Sound official -- say it right: Ah-bee-geh-zundt

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