Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creative Shout Out: Leslie!

Take a look at this! Shutter Sisters -- a really cool site that deserves its fame -- features a photo taken by Leslie, one of the original members of the Creative Instigation team. Yay for Leslie!

There's some Woody Allen movie where he says he lerves something, because love isn't a strong enough word. I lerve Leslie's photo and I'm so proud of her for submitting it. That's one of the biggest steps of all, people. It's one thing to do amazing work. It's something else to have enough faith in yourself to send it out into the world.

The photo is also part of this great video. Enjoy! And please join me in congratulating Leslie!

(I'm including a photo of the amazing Leslie here. To see her featured photo on Shutter Sisters, click on the link.)

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wheatgerm said...

I saw the sight it was great