Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creativity Tips: Write a Special Valentine

February brings one of my favorite holidays -- I love Valentine's Day. Sure, it's gone a bit commercial, but we don't have to fall into that rut. You know why? Because we're starting early! We're not waiting until Feb. 13 and running to the nearest Hallmark store to choose from picked-over cards. Heck, no! We're creating our own.

If your Valentine is written in snow on a Bug, you're all set -- assuming you have snow. And a Bug. If you have something a bit more formal in mind, I can help. For advice on how to write a Valentine, look here. I covered that last year. This year, I'm focusing on audience rather than message. (Oooh. That's romantic. Sorry. Slipped into PR business mode for a minute. Let me get my Valentine mojo back. La dah dee dah dee dah ... my funny Valentine ... OK. I'm back. Thank you for your patience.)

For this Valentine's Day, go beyond the usual. In addition to writing* notes to your beloved, your family, your friends, consider people who have truly changed your life for the better -- people who might not be aware of how much they mean to you. It could be a minister who always takes time to listen. A yoga instructor who opens your heart with upward-facing dog. The librarian who consistently recommends books you love.

Now, create a Valentine to tell them -- briefly and sincerely -- what they've done that has helped you and how much you appreciate it.

Is it that simple? Yes. While we humans have a tendency to complicate things, declarations of love, of thanks, of appreciation, can be beautifully simple -- a wink, a smile, a hug. And, this month, a Valentine!

*You're absolutely right. Valentines don't have to be written. They can be food, drawings, photographs, handmade lovelies. But when you're trying to tell someone what they mean to you, words are wonderful.


Chuck Frey said...

Two years ago on Valentine's Day, I spray-painted a gigantic heart in the snow, with my wife's and my initials inside of it. She absolutely loved it, and talked about it for weeks! Simple, inexpensive, but incredibly loved by my sweetheart!

Jan said...

Hi Chuck! I bet she did love it -- that's wonderful!! Fun, creative and full of love. Valentines don't get better than that!