Monday, January 16, 2012

Creativity Tips: One Little Word

It's a new week! And I have something fun to share -- a post I found via Twitter, which remains my least favorite and most useful social media outlet.

Katherine Sokolowski posts on Read, Write, Reflect and I think you'll enjoy her blog -- it's geared toward teaching, but there's plenty to interest those of us who don't have the courage or smarts to face a classroom of fifth-graders every day. Katherine started the year with a post about choosing One Little Word. While the initial idea focused on New Year's Resolutions, we can adapt it for One Little Week. This week.

My word for this week is ORDER. Now, that could mean I'm going to order people around. Or, it could mean I'm going to bring order to my office and house. OR, it could mean I'm going to order Chinese take-out tonight. I'm not telling. But I am liking the word.

And, yes, Katherine Sokolowski and Jan Sokoloff have to be long-lost cousins. (Who would know? When my grandfather got off the boat, immigration officials asked him if he wanted to spell his name the old, Russian way -- Sokolov -- or the new, American way. He chose American. And that's your spelling story for the day ... )

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