Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creativity Exercise: Thanks!

OK, this is going to be fast, so look sharp:
  1. Get out a clean sheet of paper. And a pen. Or pencil. Or crayon.
  2. Write down five things you're thankful for this year. But wait! It's a trick question. You can only mention things that wouldn't have been on your list last year.
  3. If it takes more than two minutes to do this exercise, be thankful I don't expect you to devote that much time to it. I just wanted to get your brain working in a different direction.
Someone recently told me their family really does the old tradition -- they go around the Thanksgiving table and everyone expresses gratitude for something. Hmmmmm. We don't even sit around a table. The adults are in the dining room. The kids (and this would be anyone 55 and under) gather in the living room. The rest of our group (don't ask) lurks in the kitchen.

But the theory certainly does sound lovely ...


Jan said...

I'll go first. Here's my instant, didn't-think-too-long-about-it list, including thanks for some good things that happened and bad things that didn't. This year, I'm thankful:
1. Amber is healthy and getting stronger every day!
2. Kate wasn't hurt in her recent (not her fault) car accident.
3. Mom is recovering nicely from her latest fall.
4. Tom chose the perfect earrings for our anniversary gift. (Hey! It's my list. I can be greedy if I want to be.)
5. Lynn suggested we visit Amelia Island, my new favorite beach.
6. Nantucket Cranberry Pie.

Yeah, six instead of five. I am not good with rules.Nothing "new this year" about that!

Jan said...

OK, here's number 7. I was just looking at Google Analytics, and I'm thankful all the CI readers who aren't living in America and celebrating Thanksgiving tolerate me forgetting how many international team members we have. I'd love to hear from you in posts or emails: jan@sokoloffharness.com

Mike Brown said...

Hey Jan -

I originally did this while reading the post waiting for my dad to get admitted for surgery on Tuesday morning. Let's see if I can remember my five:

1) My dad was able to have the surgery to help try and improve his quality of life.
2) The Brainzooming Group is more than just a plan this year.
3) We have a new, safe vehicle to make it out to Western KS when we need to.
4) I've made the transition into speaking as a viable part of Brainzooming.
5) My creative team has been expanded this year to include a variety of great new people...but unfortunately we haven't worked together nearly as much as I'd hoped. : (

There are my five new things to be thankful for this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!