Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrating Creative Collaborations

I'm in Troy, New York, today ... hosting an all-day creativity room at the PRSA Northeast District conference. Very fun!

And, very inspirational. Every group I've spoken to recently has asked if I have a book to sell. I don't. Following my initial brilliant business model, I have a book to give away. Please. Download. Read. Instigate.

But, about that whole "selling" thing. This time, when PRSA asked about a book, my wonderful creative collaborator -- Leslie -- kicked me into merchandising gear. Using the fun photos she took for my business cards, Leslie produced Creative Instigation postcards.

That good idea grew. We're now selling creativity kits too; the folks in Troy are the first to see the goodies.

The cards and the kits make me happy -- just looking at them makes me feel official. And I wouldn't have them without the PRSA prompt and Leslie's talents at photography, production and prodding! Creative collaboration. It's a wonderful thing.

P.S. My grandfather, Issie, was a merchant. He would want me to tell you this: A set of four postcards is $8. The creativity kit -- which includes the four postcards, Groucho glasses, a Groucho magnet, finger puzzle and other goodies -- is $15. Shipping in the U.S. is included. Placing an order is easy: Send an email to

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