Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creativity Tips: Stay in Touch

In a world filled with change, it's really important to stay in touch with your creative team. Even if it requires a bit of effort.

What brought this to mind? Mike Brown. Since we're not working together daily, we don't team up as much as we used to. This is unfortunate, because Mike inspires me to get off my tush.

At lunch recently, he told me I need a new phone for BlogHer. For some reason, he thinks a speaker at a social media conference should be able to access social media. From her phone. Hmmm. Probably not a bad concept.

So, my phone expert hubby is now researching and I will soon trade the reliable old phone for something that has email and Internet capabilities. By the time I hit BlogHer in August, maybe I'll even be comfortable with it.

Mike expects live Tweeting. I'm not sure he's that inspirational. Ya'll know how I feel about Twitter ...


Vicki said...

I love my droid phone. :)

Mike Brown said...

Glad to have been a part of getting you to get a new phone! I'm now working on someone else to do it as well (and it always seems to be because of a conference).

As for me, I HATE changing phones because I never re-set everything I had before (like the face I've gone without a hands-free capability ever since being forced to lose my Motorola Q). But it may be time to park the Blackberry for something cooler!

Leslie said...

Jan, I say wait to see if the iPhone becomes available with Verizon! Otherwise, I love my droid phone, too, and it would certainly do the job for you.