Monday, May 31, 2010

Creativity Tips: Run With It!

OK, gang, the blog is in your hands! Can't wait to see what you post. I'll be back online Monday, June 7. (Yes. That's right. I can turn my computer off for a week. Try it. You'll like it. But not until after you post.)

Party on, people!


Mike Brown said...

Here's a fun blog from Betsy Streeter, who does for creativity and art what Jan does for creativity and the written word. This link goes to a post of hers that links to a great ebook: "Let Out Your Creative Beast." Definitely worth checking out, along with her whole blog!

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy really interesting photos check this site:

If you scroll down a bit, my favorites are the pictures of Detroit and the City Hall Subway station in NYC.

There are usually some interesting design elements on the main site as well.


Leslie said...

Wow, those photos in the link above are amazing!

For tons of inspiration and eye candy, check out poppytalk.

Anonymous said...

Loved! Going to the store to get stuff to make corn and zucchini risotto for dinner.
Check out these beards. My husband became "unsavory" as a result.

Mike Brown said...

I always try anything on a restaurant menu that says "Oreos." Not that it happens a lot; this is only the second time, following Oreo pancakes at Eggtc in Kansas City. Yet, check out these Aja Oreos from Aja Steak in Chicago.  I had dinner there on Wednesday night and these chocolate cookies filled with white chocolate mousse lived up to their borrowed name. When a restaurant is willing to take on Oreos, you know you've got some creativity coming your way!