Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creativity Exercise: Fun with the Phone Book

Bernie, one of our great CI team members, sent an email last week celebrating his friend's first-place finish in the Hays Public Library's Annual Poetry Contest. And, as you know, I am all for celebrating success!

Check out the poem. Then, be inspired! How can you use a phone book to instigate creativity? The question will make sense when you read the poem.

For example, I could stand on a phone book. Or two. Why? Because it would change my perspective, and that's always good for a creative boost. Heck, if I stood on three phone books, I'd be dang close to normal height. (Barb, I hear you laughing at me. Stop it. We can't all be tall, beautiful blondes.) We can all be creative -- so get to it! Pull out a phone book and let me know what happens.

Thanks for the idea, Bernie!


Bud Simpson said...

I hit my head on the door jamb.

Jan said...

You gotta love a team with a smart alecky rabbit. :-)

Barb said...

Yes I was laughing! Thanks for the flattery!