Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creativity Tips: Celebrate Children's Book Week

What's your favorite children's book?

As a child, I loved the Bobbsey Twin series. My buddy Lynn and I still refer to each other as the Bobbsey Twins.

As a mom, my favorite is Dinner at the Panda Palace by Stephanie Calmenson, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott. Both of the girls loved it:
No matter how many,
No matter how few,

There will always be room

At the Palace for you!

Every child should be a reader. And every adult. You're clearly a brilliant and discriminating reader: You're here! So give yourself a present: Make the Children's Book Week 2010 Bookmark for yourself!


Stephanie said...

Wow! I'm the author of DINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE and am thrilled to have my book recommended on your blog. Panda Palace is used a lot by teachers for math lessons, but you picked the part that matters to me most -- that each child come away feeling important.

Your blog is great. I especially like the one about being/having a "Cheerleader". Thank you for being mine today! :)

Vicki said...

Right now I have favorite children's authors--Tomie dePaola, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jan Brett. And I like the George and Martha books. Except the one where Martha smokes a cigar.