Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a Team!

Wow! Thank you for the great response to yesterday's post. I have more than enough words for two sestinas!

For this first go-round, the winners (drawn from a hat) are, in no particular order:

To give you a feel for how the six words get incorporated into end words for six stanzas, and then included in the final stanza, check out Sestina, by Elizabeth Bishop. There's also a rhythmic structure, but I'm not going to worry about that for my first time with this poetic form. I will post the poem as soon as I have it written. Don't expect it today.

While you're waiting -- with baited breath, I'm sure -- you can play along. Try a sestina, or:
  • Choose one of the words, and write for 90 seconds about it. Don't think. Just write.
  • Choose one of the words, and draw it. (What would silence look like?) Click on silence ... it links to a gorgeous, short poem.
  • Choose two of the words, and include them in a haiku. (3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables)
Isn't it fascinating how structure plays such a vital part in creativity? And people think it's all messy desks, and flashes of inspiration. Not so much ...

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