Monday, September 21, 2009

Creativity Tips: Rehearse

Every year, my synaogogue conducts a special service to honor the Holocaust survivors in our congregation and their families. It's a beautiful service, with special songs and readings. Most of us who help lead it have been singing or reading the same parts for years. We could practically do them by rote.

Yet, every year, we rehearse. Why? Because we know this is a creative endeavor that matters. So we approach it wholeheartedly; we don't put it in neutral and coast.

Is there a creative task you've been doing for so long you could do it with your eyes closed? If so, this is the week to bring it back to consciousness. Why? Because it matters.

Whether you're writing a resume, reading a bedtime story or baking a cake, it matters. Otherwise, why are you doing it?

As long as you're doing it, here's my advice: Put your whole heart into it. You might even want to rehearse. (How do you rehearse a resume? Easy. Pretend you're the HR director. Now, pick up your resume. Ask yourself: What makes this stand out? Da-da! You just rehearsed.)

And if you decide to rehearse the baking, let me know ...

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