Monday, September 14, 2009

Creativity Tips: Fill 'er up!

This past Saturday, I was making plans to visit a friend who has been ill. I started the phone call by explaining I'd been to a parade to watch my daughter perform with the drill team, I was taking her to lunch, I needed to run a few errands, then check on my mom and take the dog for a walk.

"After that," I said, "I'll be over to see you."

"Your life is full!" she replied.

One short sentence -- and it stopped me short. I've never been a "glass is half-empty" type of gal, but I wasn't thinking my life was full. I was thinking it was freaking insane.

But she's right. My life is full. Wonderfully, astonishingly, fortunately, temporarily full. It's all a matter of perspective, and I'm changing mine.

Here's to creative perspectives, and a week filled with good friends and good work!

P.S. I wonder how many people reading the blog are old enough to understand the "Fill 'er up!" headline. I remember sitting in the back seat of dad's '62 Buick, watching some guy in coveralls washing our windows while he filled the tank ...

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