Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creativity Tips: Celebrate!

Never miss a chance to celebrate! I just noticed that we hit the 500 posts mark with yesterday's post. 500! Woo-hoo! Yakka-bakka and yadda yadda! The Creative Instigation team totally rocks!

We should also never miss a chance to say thanks. A big shout-out to Mike Brown for getting me started on this, back in 2007. It's been fun. And it still is!

(Really and truly -- these are creativity tips. Celebrate. And say Thank you. People do better creative work when they're appreciated and their work is valued. Besides, it's simply the right thing to do.)

1 comment:

Angela Pritchett said...

500 posts, wowza! I'm in awe of your stick-to-it-iosity. Way to go!