Thursday, April 9, 2009

Site Seeing: New Friends

It's been a bit since I sent you site seeing, so here are several places to visit!

Sarah Daly is a new copywriting buddy I met the old-fashioned way -- mutual friends introduced us, and we got together for coffee. You know, face-to-face. You remember face-to-face contact, right? Sarah is a social media expert, who understands Twitter, Facebook, etc. Putting her way ahead of me.

However, I did meet Emma Alvarez Gibson via Twitter, so I'm not completely old-fashioned. There's hope. Check out her blog, complete with the April 3 post on 5 Tips for Twitterers. I can be taught.

And, someone I've never met, but whose work I have long admired -- Joe Posnanski, who brings you two blogs, including one on the future of newspapers. Joe is one reason I continue reading the KC Star, now a one-cuppa-coffee feat.

The joy of reading different writers is hearing how they write, and learning from each one. Have fun!


Sarah said...

Oh and BTW, if you do nothing else for yourself, go to coffee with Jan! After meeting with her I actually felt as if I could fly with my own two arms. She is truly inspiring, empowering and a pleasure to behold. I can't wait for the next get together. Thanks Jan!

Jan said...

What a lovely note! Thank you! We need to compare calendars ...

Emma said...

Jan, I'm a bit late on this (!) but thanks so much for the kind mention!