Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creativity Tips: Give Yourself a Break

This is a photo of my basement. This was my secluded haven away from the open spaces of our house. It is now a basement with a huge, extremely expensive hole.

I won't go into the home repair nightmare -- but I will use it as a lesson.

I don't have a creativity tip for today, and that's OK. I've got a guy with a jackhammer in my basement, and workers with a backhoe outside. I can't be expected to be creative 24/7, no matter what the circumstance.

And neither can you. There are times when you won't feel creative. Don't fret. When you exercise your creative talents as much as we do, the mojo will be back tomorrow!

Hmmm. Did I just disprove my "I don't have a creativity tip for today" comment? And is "disprove" a word?


Leslie said...

Oh, ugh! So sorry about the basement issues. I'd say you still have plenty of creativity left if you're able to write this post with a jackhammer interrupting your thoughts!

Vicki said...

I've had this saved in my reader all this time because I wanted to remember to comment....

Just wanted to say I feel your pain, we had to do the jackhammer in the basement thing a few years ago and it's not a fun thing. We actually had to wait a long time, not using the basement for months, until we had enough money to do the repair. Then we ended up flying my dad, who's a plumber, out here from Utah to help fix it, because that was less expensive than hiring a local plumber!