Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creativity Exercise: Recession Haiku

I know, I know. Regular CI readers are starting to think I'm haiku-crazed. Well, have no fear. This isn't my exercise -- it's from the Kansas City Star. The Star's business desk is looking for haikus about the recession, such as this gem from my buddy Chris Kuehl, which ran in the Star on Wednesday:

Distant tunnel light
Signals ending of despair
Might be a train though

Ah, yes. The old 5-7-5. Send your recession haikus to ... and, of course, you can post them here!


FunnyEye said...

Interest rate zero.
No way to recover now.
Econ or bad date?

Jan said...

I love it!!! I hope you sent that to the Star ... although I'll never hear the end of it if both you and Chris are also published poets. :-)