Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creativity Exercise: This One's a Dandy!

  1. Get out a clean sheet of paper.
  2. Write the word dandelion.
  3. Describe the dandelion, or ...
  4. Come up with a new name for it!


kirstenwright said...

Love the topic - and the challenge! I came across your blog because it was recommended by Mike Brown on my blog post today (I asked my readers to share links to blogs they thought deserved some attention). I am so glad I did!

Re-naming something is much more difficult than I thought, as the mind has trouble trying to call something it knows is one thing, something else. I would love to see a name for it that meant 'lots of petals' or 'sunflower' in a different language, as those were the first things that came to mind.

Keep up the great work!

Jan said...

What fun to see great posts from new people! Welcome to the Creative Instigation team -- we're delighted you're here!