Monday, December 1, 2008

Creativity Tips: It's Never Too Late to Listen

Listen up, people! I blew it. Last Friday was America's first National Day of Listening, sponsored by StoryCorps, and I missed it.

But that's no reason for you to miss out on this great holiday idea. As StoryCorps suggests:

This holiday season, ask the people around you about their lives — it could be your grandmother, a teacher, or someone from the neighborhood. By listening to their stories, you will be telling them that they matter and they won’t ever be forgotten. It may be the most meaningful time you spend this year.

Not a natural interviewer? No problem. StoryCorps has a Do-It-Yourself Guide to download. And if you're just looking to break the ice at a holiday party, check out this list of questions! (For example, "How would you describe a perfect day when you were young?")


Burcu said...

Hey that's what i do with my grandma very often :) She everytime tells about her stories starting with "when i was working in Germany with your granddad..." :P She never forgets the days she had lived there and she likes to being asked about it!!! But most entertaining part is listening even u had listened her story before at least 50 times! :)

Then she and grandad becomes my heros one more time! I think i'm a listener & adviser more than a speaker. And i've realised it just a couple minutes ago.:)

Kind regards Jan!!!

Hugs and love from Istanbul!!!

Amy said...

Hi Jan,

Thank you so much for posting about StoryCorps’ National Day of Listening this November! Support like this means so much to the organization.

After the overwhelming response to the National Day of Listening, we have extended the initiative through the month of December, and are hoping to pass on a new holiday idea: For everyone who did an interview surrounding the National Day of Listening (or are thinking about recording a loved one), making a copy of it and pairing it with a paperback copy of our book, “Listening is an Act of Love,” adds a meaningful touch to gift-giving, and gives that special someone even more incredible stories to read! The book as well as more DIY recording tips can be linked to at; we hope you will take a look!

Thanks again and best wishes for the New Year,