Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creativity Tips: The Rockettes, Take 2

Seeing the Rockettes with Mary provided creativity lessons at the start, and at the curtain.

When we arrived at the arena, the ticket taker told us we needed to go to another line and "be reassigned." Mary and I both wondered what was wrong.

There was no need for our angst. The show simply hadn't sold out, and Sprint Center officials had the good sense to move people closer to the stage. Our seats were upgraded, with smiles.

Lesson 1: Creative people often take, "We need to make a change" as a bad thing. Change can be wonderful -- moving you closer to where you want to be.

As the show was ending, one of the Rockettes fell in the final kick line. I know, because Mary -- who's a high school drill team dancer -- noticed. I was watching the show, but looking somewhere else.

Lesson 2: When you fall, remember: Most of us are looking somewhere else. Follow the Rockette's lead -- don't pull anyone else down with you, get back up, and keep on kicking!

P.S. Falling can be fun.

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Mike Brown said...

Jan - Here's another take on the initial interaction from a customer experience perspective.

Your angst made sense.

Rarely is the term "reassigned" used in a positive tone; its use suggests something being done against your will.

If the person at the door tells you that you’re being offered "a free upgrade" or you've been selected for "preferred seating" you're thinking "cool" (not “what’s wrong?”) from the start. Great example of how subtle language changes do have a real impact on a customer’s overall experience.

Happy Holidays!