Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey Victoria ... I've Got a Secret for You

So, the phone rings today and a charming woman on the other end wants to ask me a few questions about Victoria's Secret, since I shop there. (To the men on the Creative Instigation team: If you've already heard more than enough, leave now.)

I tell her I'm generally ruled out for market surveys, given my profession. (My writing profession. Stop it.) But, apparently, that didn't matter. What did matter became painfully clear with the first survey question: "May I ask your exact age?"

I gave her my exact age, and she immediately asked if there were any Victoria's Secret shoppers in the household between the ages of 18 and 39.

Excuse me? I just spent money in your store, and now you're telling me I'm too old to matter?

Bad marketing. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad marketing. Do yourself a favor, Victoria. Ask us geezer broads a couple of questions before signing off. You don't have to tabulate my answers. Just give me the impression that you care.

In other words, Victoria, fake it.


Leslie said...

Oh,wow that's too funny! Maybe they should start with asking your income instead of age...perhaps that would get their attention. And is it just assumed that the young ones are making their own purchases? Or might their moms have something to do with it? (At least you were nice enough to talk with her. I generally just let those telemarketing calls roll to voice mail!)

Hollywood Four said...

I guess Victoria is having all sorts of marketing "and" PR troubles these days. Have you seen this yet?

Jan said...

And I've been told they're having financial troubles too. Maybe they need a little creative instigation.