Monday, June 16, 2008

Creativity Tips: Driving Lessons

In Kansas, kids can start driving -- legally -- at the ripe old age of 14. This made sense when the law was enacted and Kansas was one big farm and the vehicles were tractors. It makes less sense now, but ...

I'm teaching 14-year-old Mary to drive. Watching her behind the wheel reminds me of a very important creativity tip: Focus on where you're going. If you're moving ahead, look ahead. If you're backing up, look back.

And if someone starts talking, don't look at them until the car is stopped.

Even if it's your mother. And even if she's screaming.

Focus. It's a good thing.


Leslie said...

Oh, yikes! My 15-year-old is hoping to get her permit this week and we'll be right there with you. Maybe you could teach mine and I'll teach yours?

Anonymous said...

Another rite of passage-what a good mom you are to take her out to drive! I think it was the lack of peripherial vision that drove me crazy!!

Angela Pritchett said...

Have schools totally stopped offering drivers ed? I was very disappointed it was offered this summer. So who taught Kate to drive?

Jan said...

I think the schools have stopped offering drivers ed for free ... and we'll probably do for Mary what we did with Kate: We taught her, and we had her take drivers ed.

I made Kate nuts, putting my brake foot through the floor on the passenger side, grabbing the armrest, etc. :-)