Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Fun: Puppy Love

In honor of the new family pup, JoJo, here's the perfect screensaver.*

And, a Friday Fun question for you wonderful Creative Instigation team members. Do you like the goofy games? Expect to see one every Friday? Want to see one every Friday?

I'm a MAJOR LOSER when it comes to anything that involves eye-hand coordination, so I'm not the best judge on this question ... I leave it up to you!

*Thanks to Vickie for the link! And to all of you for your wonderful input and ideas! Here's to a great weekend!!! (And I have now broken every creative rule ever written re: exclamation points.)


FunnyEyeCorpGuy said...

The question is "What does the creativeinstigation brand stand for, and are games part of the brand?" They may be part of the brand, but they're not 20% of the brand, IMHO.

Leslie said...

Games are fun, but I'm terrible at the video type games as well. I just enjoy finding something light and fun on a Friday, no matter what that might be.

Angela Pritchett said...

We used to say if you want people to show up either feed them or pay them but I think we need to add "give them goofy games" to that list. Oh, and pictures of cute puppies! I'm there!

Bud Simpson said...

I want to be totally serious for a minute...Oh, look! A puppy!

Anonymous said...

I think Friday Games are a nice treat! And your new puppy is ADORABLE!!!! Oh and so was the screensaver!