Thursday, April 3, 2008

Creativity Tips: Got Time?

Of course you don't "got time." I don't "got time" either. And, right there, you see why creative theft is a "time-honored" tradition:
  1. It saves you time when I use a phrase that immediately resonates.
  2. It saves me time developing a headline that simply doesn't warrant hours of creative angst.

Because there is honor among thieves, I'll use "Got Time?" on a blog about stealing creative ideas. I won't use it on a client's brochure.

I also respect the concept that "Possession is nine-tenths of the law." When I steal something, I own it. And it's my responsibility to make it better.

The creative geniuses with the Got Milk? campaign understand. They're delighted with the extra exposure gained through copycats, and even put together this "Got Ripped Off" poster. And, they're stealing their own idea and making it better.

Mike Brown -- who allows me to continually steal his ideas -- is my partner in crime today. Steal some ideas from his post on Plagiarism Fridays!


Flabbs said...

Hey this is Abby I am Scott's daughter! I think ur site is so cool! I love it. The napkin thing was really cool. I also have a blog:, i love designing so thats what it is about! Check it out sometime! Thanks. Oh and my brother apparently wants you to check his out
Thanks Bye!

Jan said...

Hi Abby:
I'm so glad you like the site, and I really appreciate your comment! I'll check out your blog and your brother's blog when I get home from work tonight. I love the names -- can't wait to see the blogs.
Thank you! And keep checking in!!

Flabbs said...

Thanks For the comment. And I will Keep checking in. That Helicopter game you had a while back kept my dad occupied. He was really intensely into that game. HAHA! Today is actually my birthday so I am going to leave now. Well thanks again!

Flabbs said...

Hey do u know a director or anything cuzz If you do You should tell him to check out hollywood 4 that is my favorite site out of ours!( I was just kidding about the director thing, but if u actually knew4 one that would be so cool)!!!!!!!!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope it's the start of a wonderful year.

Hollywood Four is very cool, and I love watching your Irish dancing. You're very talented. I don't know a director, but you never know when I might meet one ... :-)

Hollywood Four said...

Jan, thanks for humoring my kids by checking out their blogs (although I need to find out why Abby's first post was at 4:42 am!) They were exciting to have a real person leave posts on them. You made their day!