Monday, April 28, 2008

Creative Inspiration: Let's Hear It for Marlee Matlin

On Dancing with the Stars this season, Marlee Matlin astounded millions of people, week after week, with her incredible moves on the dance floor. She remained a strong competitor while other stars went home.

She was voted off last week, but that doesn't change the facts: Marlee Matlin dances beautifully. And she can't hear the music.

The next time your creative muse is silent, think of Marlee. Embrace the challenge. Get out there and dance.

P.S. Yes, I know. "Let's Hear it for Marlee Matlin" could be considered bad taste. It might be if you used it. But I'm in the club. I'm half-deaf. So here's two creativity tips to go along with the inspiration: You can only poke fun at your own group. And when I say, "You'd better stay on my right side," it's advice -- not a threat. I won't hear you on the left.

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Anonymous said...

Marlee has been the MOST inspirational person that has ever danced on dwts!!! We love to 'use' her as a GOOD example for our children, they love her also...This group of Filipinos loved Marlee on dwts and voted for her to stay on, we are very glad that her presence made some difference on that show.