Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Creativity Tips: Play It Safe

Ordinarily, a Chief Creative Instigator wouldn't tell you to play it safe. We creative types like to be rebels. Hey, I'm the one who had the "Question Authority" bumper sticker on my first VW bug.

However, there are times when the best bumper-sticker advice is, "Don't mess with success."

With that in mind, I'm starting a new blog. It's just for me, and it's just a place to safely experiment. I know there are technological features of this blog that I'm not using. I also know that I will never be a Chief Technology Instigator.

So, I'm taking the smart creative route. I'll experiment on my own, then introduce the successful features here. It's sort of like baking a fancy new dessert for the family -- before I offer it up to our gourmet dinner club.

While the name of the new experimental blog doesn't matter, it does. Why? Because all words matter to me. I'm a writer. It's my job. So consider this a quick creativity exercise: What would you call the blog?


Bud Simpson said...

Those of us who dabble in the dark arts of information systems call a test bed for anything a "Sand Box", ergo a test blog might be a "Sand Blog".

Angela Pritchett said...

I like the big rabbit's idea. My only thought was Creative Instigation Underwraps. Doesn't exactly flow off the tongue & might bring some gawkers looking for nudie shots.

Leslie said...

Well, there is already a blog called Idea Sandbox (great minds must think alike). Nothing says you couldn't borrow the idea, though!

More possibilities:

1. The way you say it

2. Jump the fence (life from the other side)

3. Tinker toy

Cory C said...

Jan's Creativity Kitchen.
The Jan Harness Experiment
Harness Your Creativity
The Hitchin' Post
Lord I was born a ramblin' Jan.

Jan said...

These are great! I was thinking about Copy Crank, because I write fast and I'm incredibly cranky.

But ... I think I've found something in this list I like better. My selection will remain a secret, or you'd go look for the blog. And that would defeat the whole purpose of experimenting in privacy, wouldn't it?

Thank you for the great ideas!!!

Leslie said...

No fair! We want to find you :-)

Anonymous said...

You realize that in blogger you can limit who can view the blog; so you can tell Leslie the name and still keep it private.

Your reader in Mexico!

Jan said...

And, you see, this is why I need the experimental blog! I didn't realize I could limit access so specifically; I thought it was all or nothing. Thank you!

And, since you're talking to a writer from Kansas City, I have to ask: Mexico, as in the country? Or Mexico, Missouri? (I'm tickled to have you here, either way!)

Anonymous said...

Why ... "Creative Experimentation" would be the natural precursor to "Creative Instigation" right?