Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Fun: Bonus Day -- Bonus Fun!

Since this is Leap Day, you might expect me to offer up a leap frog game, or something like that as the Friday Fun feature.

However, this is a creativity blog and I have standards. Nothing that predictable is acceptable. At least, not on its own.

Instead, I'm going to point you toward the Netherlands, and the HEMA department stores. Give the page a second to load, and enjoy -- there's no language barrier when it comes to appreciating creativity.

P.S. The animation on the page didn't work on my computer tonight. However, it did work on my husband's computer. Ordinarily, I would rewrite the post and find another link. But today feels like a good day to take a leap of faith ...

Thanks to Barb Pruitt for the HEMA link -- and keep those ideas coming my way!


Leslie said...

That's incredibly fun! It's one Web page intro you don't want to skip. Here's another for your amusement:

Jan said...

I'm glad the site is working, and the problem was just my computer!

And the site is cool -- I love looking at fresh ideas!

Hollywood Four said...

Zeer Koel!