Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creativity Tips: Disturb the Status Quo

This "do not disturb" sign from Embassy Suites is one of the props in my creativity presentation. I love it. Some writer, somewhere, came up with the perfect way to convey an important message (or two) and the brand.

Starbucks did a similar thing years ago, when the company added a legal liability line to the cup sleeves: Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot.

It's brilliant. Costs no more to print than, Caution. Beverage extremely hot. Yet it says so much more.

These are wonderful examples of seeing and seizing an opportunity -- and both steps are essential to creative success. Today, find an opportunity to make the ordinary extraordinary. And do it!

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Angela Pritchett said...

Reminds me of the tear-off pads at There's one with the heading "Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off" and below are about 200 different check boxes. My favorite is "Use 'was like' as a verb." It's a conversation starter if you don't know how to get the discussion going :->