Thursday, February 28, 2008

Creative Query: Hidden Talents

We haven't had a "creative query" on the blog for a while ... but a fun team-builder exercise at a client's meeting brought one to mind.

Everyone in the meeting had to ask everyone else one question. My assigned question was: "What's a hidden talent you have that could help others on the team?"

Since I'm working with a creative group, the answers ranged from Rob's "mind control" to Jade's "I know CPR. Sort of." (So if you're "sort of" dying, Jade's your man.)

This leads us to a double Creative Instigation query. What's your hidden talent? And why is it hidden?


Angela Pritchett said...

According to a quiz on blogthings my hidden taleent is a calming presence. Can that really be a hidden talent? I'm proud of my texting ability -- comes in handy when you need to communicate with a teen. Afterall, why would you want to actually talk on a cell phone?!?!

Jan said...

You do have a calming presence! And the girls are still laughing at my texting capabilities ... but I'm learning!

Mike Brown said...

My hiddent talent is throwing creative alley oop passes.

Anonymous said...

And my hidden talent is clearly catching them!

Thank you for the icebreaker idea and question. And the approximately 23 million other creative ideas you've tossed my way over the years!

I still need to do my post on stealing ideas ...