Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creativity Tips: Once is Enough

I know. You're wondering if this post is connected to my ongoing "smaller is better" campaign. It's not -- but it is the first time the Creative Instigation tip is also a safety tip.

Here's the deal: Picture yourself walking, alone, to your car in a dark parking lot. You only need to click the key once to unlock your door. Easy, right?

Yet, according to recent research, that's not what many of us do. We click. And we click. And then, if we're really in the mood, we click again. The door on the passenger's side unlocks, too -- and the bad guys can slide right in.

What's this have to do with creativity? There are times we all over-click. We use four colors and embossing, because the printing budget allows it. We add another dash of salt to the soup, just for good measure. We insist on keeping every single solitary word in that lead sentence because if we really, completely spell it out maybe the audience will grasp every nuance of our meaning.

This week, take a fresh look at projects you've had on your plate for some time. Maybe they're done! Maybe you're over-clicking. One perfect color grabs attention. Salt is over-rated. Short sentences communicate.

Trust me. And stop opening dangerous doors.

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Bud Simpson said...

The rabbit smiles on all your endeavors.