Monday, December 17, 2007

No Help for Neurosurgeons

Today's blog comes to you courtesy of my friend Vanessa Bonavia, who encouraged me to post the advice I gave her years ago. It's a little phrase that's good to remember whether you've made a slight slip-up or a moronic mistake.

"It’s not brain surgery."

Now, God love ‘em, I don’t know what advice to give neurosurgeons. But chances are, your mistakes aren’t life and death issues – even if they feel like it at the time. Go with the creative response to screw-ups big and small: Take responsibility, fix what you can, learn what you should, and move on.

(Do you wonder why it's a screw up and not a screw down? Why we mess up and don't mess down? Why we f... oh, you get the drift.)

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