Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And the winner is ...

Vicki is the proud winner of the first Creative Instigation book contest! Thank you to everyone who entered -- and keep up the good reading! (Vicki, I'll be in touch re: your book selection.)

Today's creativity tip: Take a break. Being creative requires energy and enthusiasm -- and this week is the perfect time to recharge both. While I don't always take my own advice, I will this time. I'll be back January 2, 2008.

Thanks for being part of my blog, and Happy New Year!


Vicki said...

Oh yay! Thanks, Jan!

Mike Brown said...

Hello from Colby, KS!
Where are the detailed rules & exclusions that expalin why I'm left high and dry on this reading contest?
BTW - mikebrownspeaks.blogspot.com has two posts in the past 24 hours!

Take it easy Jan!

Mike O<} : )>