Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Should Be Having More Fun

Why should I be having more fun? Because I'm a blonde, no matter what that little photo over there in the corner indicates.

Now, oddly enough, I didn't realize I was a blonde. Oh, sure, I knew I was paying a lot of money for highlights. But, in my mind's eye, I still had dark hair. Why? Because I had dark hair when I was a kid. I had dark hair when I was in college. I had dark hair when I was a reporter.

Then, I hit 30, and it all went white.

Trouble is, I never adjusted my mental picture. So this weekend, when I decided to buy the little package of hair dye that lets you cover up the roots, I selected a lovely brown. Fortunately, my daughter stopped me, and pointed out the obvious: I needed the bottle of blonde.

Am I leading up to a blonde joke? No, although it's tempting and would give me a reason to point my friend Barb toward this post. (Sorry, Barb.) Here's where I'm going, and how my hair color ties to your creative life: What you know to be true isn't always true. Your opinion isn't always right. And, even if perspective is reality, your perspective needs adjusting now and then.

Trust me on this. Blondes don't lie.

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