Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Good Stuff: Unexpected Kindness

Hey -- thanks for being here! Thanks for reading the blog.

As we continue the countdown to Thanksgiving with a few posts re: little things that make me happy, little things to be grateful for, here's a big one: unexpected kindness.

This past Saturday, the people who were installing our windows came back to finish the job. They came right at lunchtime, and brought a treat -- tamales from Elvira's for me and Tom. We are talking the best tamales I've ever had.

Sure, it's possible the tamales tasted extra good because they were such a lovely surprise. And I hadn't had lunch yet. I also hadn't had a tamale in years, and they always remind me of going to see the Kansas City As play baseball when I was a little girl. Dad took me once (just me!), and bought tamales for us at a little stand outside the stadium. I thought that was almost as cool as the pop-up rabbit.*

When was the last time you surprised and delighted someone? November is the perfect month. Go make someone happy.

*If you know what I'm talking about, you're either as old as I am -- or a baseball fanatic. Either way, it was a damn cool mechanical bunny, wasn't it?

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