Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Good Stuff: Sweaters

It's fall in Kansas City, the leaves are turning, and it's finally cold enough to put on a sweater. All good stuff!

As we kick-off November and continue my list of little things that I'm grateful for, comfy sweaters are at the top of the list. We're talking soft, warm, fits-just-right-which-means-a-little-too-big sweaters. Mmmmmm. Not as good as a hug, but the sweater does stay with you all day.

Gift from Kate, from Norway.
Best. Sweater. Ever.
Is it possible to see leaves this beautiful
and not feel just a bit happier?
Even if it's just for a moment.
Moments count. 
I hope wherever you are, it's just a bit chilly outside. And you can think of one little thing -- right now -- that warms your heart.

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