Monday, June 3, 2013

Creativity Exercise: Adult Swim

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the pool and EVERY HOUR the lifeguard made you get out for the dreaded "adult swim" time?

Remember perching on the side, wondering if the lifeguard would EVER let you go back in?

Remember the pure joy of the cool water when it was FINALLY your turn?

Now, with that back-in-the-water moment in mind, here's how I want you to start the week. Choose one of these three exercises:
  1. Take a photograph/draw/paint/doodle an illustration of anticipation.
  2. Write one sheet, longhand, about your favorite summer memory.
  3. Think of one activity that would make you feel eight years old again. Do it.
Did you make your choice? Perfect! Now, listen carefully. That's right -- you just heard the lifeguard's whistle!

All in!

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Eight year old memories: eating the chocolate cake and saving the chocolate icing for last; mixing the vanilla ice cream and Hershey's syrup until it turned to "chocolate" ice cream; racing my nephews to see who was the fastest runner.
Thanks, that was fun.