Monday, January 7, 2013

Creativity Tips: Get Excited

For many of my friends, today is the first day back at work after the holidays. I know this because I've heard far too many comments like this:
"Blech. I have to go back to work on Monday."

So, listen up. I realize I'm a lucky woman to be excited re: my day-to-day writing work. And, I realize that many of you head off each morning to work you don't love. You have talents, you have dreams, but you also have a mortgage. I get it.

Here's the good news: Even if your job isn't inspirational, your possibilities are. What would get you excited? A walk on a new path in the cold, clean, winter air? A long talk with an old friend? A hunting expedition through an antique store?

If the 9-to-5 doesn't give you a reason to rev your engines, build something else into the agenda. The year is new and fresh and it's all yours. Get excited!

P.S. "Blech" isn't an exact quote, but I'm trying to keep this post G-rated.

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